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Piercing services are performed by our experienced piercers. We offer a huge selection of piercings and have 2 Master Piercers on staff. We recommend making an appointment for your piercing as not all our piercers perform all piercing services.

What to expect

When you first arrive, you will be greeted by a friendly member of our staff.  You will be asked to complete your Consent and Aftercare forms (if you didn’t get the chance to do them online).  We will ask you (and your parent if you’re a minor) for your i.d. if it’s your first visit to the shop. 

Your piercer will confirm which piercing you’re getting and will be sure all supplies necessary are prepared.  He/she will wash his or her hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water and put on a fresh pair of gloves.  The area to be pierced will be cleaned, antiseptic and alcohol will be applied (antiseptic mouthwash will be used for oral piercings).  All needles, equipment, and jewelry used are fully sterilized prior to your appointment.

Your skin is then punctured with a single-use, sterile needle, and your jewelry is placed into position.  Your piercer will then clean the area of any blood, check to be sure you’re doing well, and remind you of your aftercare instructions.

Ear Piercing
nose piercing

State licensed sterilization process

Experienced piercers

Variety of piercing options - consults available

Welcoming atmosphere - no judgement here

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Does it hurt to get a piercing?

Yes, we’re poking a hole through your body part to insert jewelry.

When can I change the jewelry?

Typically, you can change your jewelry after 8-10 weeks from when you received the piercing.  We recommend that you only wear good quality jewelry.

How can I tell if my piercing may be infected?

If it’s infected, it be quite tender, may have darker colored pus, it may be hot to the touch, or it could smell bad.  If you think you have an infection, please seek professional guidance.

How old do you have to be to get a piercing?

It is the law in Maine that you must either be 18 or must be accompanied by a custodial parent to receive a piercing.

What should I do the day of my piercing?

It’s very helpful if you eat something and please if possible, avoid ibuprofen and blood thinners prior to your appointment.  Relax and breathe!


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