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Massage Therapy by Winona Walsh

I have been practicing massage therapy since my graduation in 2007. My first location was the Bar Harbor Club Spa in Bar Harbor, Maine. I have continued to provide my services intermittently at this location.  I have worked along side a local chiropractor, which inspired me to venture out on my own.  Massage therapy and my clients success stories are my passion.


I enjoy helping my clients achieve their goals of de-stressing and total relaxation. Clients requesting more specific body work will have a massage therapy plan customized to their needs.


Benefits of Massage Therapy:

Reduce Stress

Reduce Pain

Improve Circulation

Eliminate Toxins

Improve Flexibility

Improve Sleep

Reduce Fatique

I offer the following massage types:


Swedish Massage:

Uses a lighter pressure while using a variety of techniques, such as kneeding, rolling and vibration.


Theraputic Massage:

Uses firm pressure while using a variety of techniques, such as kneeding, rubbing, pressing and effluerage.


Deep Tissue Massage:

Uses deep pressure. This type of massage uses many of the same techniques with the main difference being the amount of pressure applied.  Using forearm, elbow and pressure point therapy to break-up scar tissue and break down adhesions (Knots).


Hot Stone Massage:

Utilizes hot stones to relax and ease tense muscles. The stones can be placed along your spine, feet and hands.  The massage therapist holds the hot stones in the palm of their hands as they massage your body using the Swedish technique.

Coming soon!  Sugar Scrub 80 minutes $100


“I have seen Nona since 2014 for regular massages.  Her space is private and peaceful.  Her technique is amazing and pressure is always just right! To make your experience positive, she asks for and welcomes feedback.  I have found her scheduling to be very flexible, and I’m happy to recommend her services to all my friends and family!  I’m so thankful for Nona, and I look forward to my time with her each visit!” -Melissa Woodard

“Nona is my first call whenever I need a massage. She’s also the only name I give out when someone mentions massage. I now schedule massages for myself regularly. I have back and neck issues that lead me to have a lot of knotted muscles. I am moving and sleeping so much better since starting this! Already have my parents planning to see her when they come for a visit.” – Meaghan

“I have been a client of Winona for several years as she is an incredibly skilled and highly professional massage therapist. Having had multiple types of massages in various states and countries, I have a fair amount of experience to base my comparisons on. Winona continues to be my favorite, providing the most relaxing, effective and enjoyable massages I have ever had!”


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