About Body Graphics Studio

Body Graphics opened in Brewer, Maine in 2010. We have always strived to provide our clients with a healthy, sterile, welcoming, and friendly professional environment. We honestly care about our clients. We keep in mind that we are making permanent changes to your body and appearance and take that responsibility very seriously. We love our clients!

When you get a tattoo it’s not just the image that you leave with, it’s how you feel when you leave. It’s the experience that you have on the day that you get your tattoo. You’re going to remember what you had for lunch that day, you’re going to remember the conversations that you had while you were getting it, and you’re going to remember how you felt when you walked out the door with your new tattoo.

We want to make sure that you have the best experience possible and a great memory to look back on over the years when you see your new tattoo. That’s what makes us “your” Body Graphics Studio. A place that you’re excited to come back to.  

AAM Diamond Trainer Certification – State of Maine  – Micropigmentation Trainer.


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Nice and welcoming staff

Safe, risk-free environment

Professional and Clean

Welcoming atmosphere - no judgement here

Financing Available

Does it hurt to get a piercing?

Yes, we’re poking a hole through your body part to insert jewelry.

When can I change the jewelry?

Typically, you can change your jewelry after 8-10 weeks from when you received the piercing.  We recommend that you only wear good quality jewelry.

How can I tell if my piercing may be infected?

If it’s infected, it be quite tender, may have darker colored pus, it may be hot to the touch, or it could smell bad.  If you think you have an infection, please seek professional guidance.

How old do you have to be to get a piercing?

It is the law in Maine that you must either be 18 or must be accompanied by a custodial parent to receive a piercing.

What should I do the day of my piercing?

It’s very helpful if you eat something and please if possible, avoid ibuprofen and blood thinners prior to your appointment.  Relax and breathe!


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